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From Clients: D. Damele

John is kind and considerate to everyone. He helps others with his knowledge and integrity. He always answered our questions and concerns. He put our minds at ease more than once. He was there for us. He also knew the best people for making our home look magnificent! He is the best!! We are so happy with all the results. He is close to perfect!!!!
Sincerely, Thelma Damele, Denise & Stan

From Clients: J. Schiller

John was the best. He had our complete trust and was always available to us for whatever question we had. This was our first home purchase and it was a difficult process due to the huge rush on houses and crazy price inflation. John helped us to keep confident and calm despite being outbid on several homes. John never pushed us to increase our house bids nor did he try to “upsell” us by only showing homes at the top end (or beyond) our price range. Continue Reading…

From Clients: Cathleen and Carl

Although John Solaegui was recommended to me, I interviewed many agents before making my decision. I initially chose John because (1) it was clear he knew far more about San Francisco real estate than anyone else I interviewed; (2) I did not get the sense that he would pressure me; (3) he had a proven track record with buyers in a sellers’ market; and (4) he was knowledgeable about remodeling, which is helpful when you love a place, but it isn’t perfect. Continue Reading…

From a Client: Roger

I don’t think there are enough superlatives that could be written when it comes to trying to explain how good John Solaegui is as both an incredibly skilled San Francisco realtor and as a person.

Thanks to John, my family and I have all gotten houses that we love and hope to be in for a long time. I really don’t think it is possible that there is a better agent out there.

John made the whole process a breeze and he was always available basically 24/7, and incredibly quick to reply to any questions whenever we needed him. After all he’s done for us, I seriously consider him “part of the family” by this point. Continue Reading…

From a Client: Meg

As a first time homebuyer, I really appreciated your sincerity and patience. Not only did you walk me through every step of the process, but you did it in such a way that helped truly understand what I was getting myself into. Your explanations were never rushed and were always very thorough.

In addition, I would like to mention that your constant availability was great for me. Your long hours from early in the morning until late at night must be very tiring, but being able to reach you was very beneficial. Between phone calls, texts, and emails, I had the utmost confidence that we were always on the same page and that we were never a bottleneck to moving the process forward. I really liked that.

From a Client: Josie

John (aka Wonder Agent),

We are so grateful to you for finding us the home that we will raise our daughters in. Your council was spot on throughout, and the negotiations left us feeling both elated and that all was fair and as it should be. Thank you endlessly.

And cheers to Gini for sending us your way and coaching us through our first foray into the Bay Area real estate market. Thank you too!


From a Client: Lee H.

Having purchased and sold my own properties without the assistance of real estate professionals, I know firsthand the feeling of successfully completing transactions on my own terms.  Recently, I have found that the legal and regulatory requirements for real estate transactions have become increasingly complex and too difficult to navigate by myself.

For my latest property sale, I went straight to John for help.  I didn’t even consider the need to interview other agents because John was my one and only choice.  As a member of John’s extensive online community, I have followed John’s market commentary for years.

As one can imagine, every real estate transaction has its own unique issues.  For me, I can say without exception, John exceeded my expectations at every twist and turn during the marketing and contract process.  I was very pleased when my home quickly sold to a couple of very happy buyers.

Here is what I received when I engaged John to be my agent:

  • Prior to listing my property with John, I had asked John for a list of recommendations for contractors.  John graciously provided me with an extensive list of contractors that I used to get my home ready for sale.  I view John as my resource for all things “real estate focused”.
  • After our initial property walk-through, John brought in Stephanie Vigil (Mise en place Interiors and Staging) to edit my decor.  The result was fabulous!  Stephanie understood my needs and so transformed my property into a comfortable, inviting home that any potential buyer would also be proud to call home.
  • John has a well thought out methodology for marketing property and servicing his clients.  For example, in my case, John arranged to have a detailed floor plan of my property professionally drawn up to enhance the property description.  Also, John has this one other very effective marketing standard in his methodology — and that is gorgeous property photos presented on fantastic customized websites for his listings.
  • When complicated issues surfaced, John was able to come up with creative solutions that pleased me to no end.
  • John invests the time to understand his clients as individuals.  That is why I felt so comfortable with John’s counsel.  As the client, of course I had expectations.  However, John was very articulate in providing guidance on what was possible as well as what was realistic given what was happening in the San Francisco real estate market and economy on any given day.

John has done a great job of guiding my property sale through a challenging economic environment.  I love working with John because he is so smart and yet so gracious.

In summary, would I recommend John to my friends and family?  Would I use John again on my next real estate transaction?  Yes, in a heartbeat!

-Lee H.

From a Client: Alice & Erik

We are sorry and embarrassed that it’s taken us so long to write, but we want you to know how grateful to you we are for helping us find and get settled into our new home. Thank you, thank you! From taking us around to view properties to navigating the complex home-buying process to helping us with plumbing issues, it was so reassuring to have you as our guide. And, as recent email exchanges have shown, we are still turning to your for advice! A million thanks for being so diligent and responsive. And a million more for smiling through it all…We’ve settled into our home and are in the process of turning the 2nd bedroom into a nursery. The baby is due in just under 2 months, so we need to roll up our sleeves! In the year that we’ve been here, we’ve already created many wonderful memories…we know there are many more in store for us. And again, THANK YOU for going WAY above and beyond!
-Alice & Erik

From a Client: Emery S.

You are very welcome. Dave and Hope are great people, and I hope you can help them along in the home buying process like you helped me. I was very pleased with how my home buying experience ended up, Continue Reading…

From a Client: Brian & Emily

John Solaegui embodies the term “consummate professional”. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him twice- once as a buyer, and most recently, when my wife and I sold the same home that John helped me buy years ago. Continue Reading…