5 Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas—That Aren’t Tile

12 May

5 Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas—That Aren’t Tile

White subway tile will never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean it’s your one and only option for a kitchen backsplash. We turned to the past (our endless archives) and the future (the creative rabbit hole that is Instagram) to see what ideas were out there besides the omnipresent swath of ceramic. When you start looking at that sliver of space between countertop and cabinets the way you would any expanse of wall space, the options suddenly become endless: metal, wood, even wallpaper. Here are five of our favorite tile alternatives:


In a Los Angeles kitchen, designer Dan Fink crafted a walnut backsplash, providing a warm contrast to the room’s crisp black-and-white color scheme.

Kitchen by Dan Fink and Tim Murphy in Los Angeles, CA
Laura Resen


Interior design studio Space Harmony made a kitchen backsplash into a work of art with vibrant watercolor wallpaper protected by a layer of glass.


A narrow galley kitchen, like this one in designer Arthur Dunnam’s Manhattan home, benefits from a shiny mirrored backsplash, which bounces light around the space.

Traditional Kitchen by Arthur Dunnam in New York City
Nick Johnson


If you’re lucky enough to have exposed brick walls in your kitchen, leave them alone, as was done in this space outfitted with deVOL Kitchens cabinetry.


The stainless-steel backsplash in Nina Garcia’s New York City apartment, designed by Aparicio + Associates, manages to be both utilitarian and stylish.

Modern Kitchen by Aparicio + Associates in New York, New York
Björn Wallander