About John Solaegui

Excelling at school was never a question for John, his brothers and sisters. Their parents, descendants of Basque immigrants and Mormon pioneers, moved the family from rural Nevada to Reno, just to be near the University of Nevada. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Finance, John moved to Silicon Valley, where he worked for an international consulting firm, a Fortune 500 software company and earned his MBA from UC Berkeley. During this time John purchased and sold a couple of homes, but his passion for real estate was ignited when he transformed a neglected shack into a stunning Pacific Heights Victorian, which he sold for a profit. Thinking about his background in managing projects, negotiating and problem solving, John examined how his Realtor worked and declared to himself “I can do that better!”

In his free time, John enjoys reading, listening to Ted Talks and Tim Ferris podcasts, writing in his journal, singing at church, dancing at parties and watching movies at independent movie theaters. He appreciates live performance of any kind and has season tickets to the opera, symphony and local theatre companies. He’s inspired by musicians and vocalists who hone their craft to the point of perfection and make music through the synergy of the orchestra. He believes that a great city should have thriving arts organizations and he supports the San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Opera, the Fine Arts Museums and SFMOMA.

Because his passions are preventing homelessness and promoting education, John is an active supporter at Compass Community Services, De Marillac Academy, Holy Family Day Home, Larkin Street Youth Services and St James School.

John is happiest when he is making plans, renovating, perusing tiles and choosing paint colors either for himself or others. He loves finding and selling properties for his clients and he’s convinced that San Francisco is the best place to live and to own.