How to Prevent Break Ins?

25 May

How to Prevent Break Ins?

A client texted me with the following:

“HELP! John, I left for San Diego and can’t recall if I shut off the sprinkler. Could you drive by sometime today and see?” My client gave me the code to open the garage door, from which I could access the backyard.

Being more than happy to accommodate my loyal client, I drove over and entered the garage. When I peered through a back window, it looked like the sprinklers were off; but just to make sure, I went out the back door. Sure enough, the sprinklers were all off, but the back door slammed shut, locking me out of the house!

Trapped in the backyard, I surveyed the situation. Like most single family homes in San Francisco, the neighboring houses are next to each other. There is no walkway or side yard to escape the back yard. The only way out is through the garage! I tried calling to the neighbors on either side. “Hey is anyone home?” Standing at a window next to the door, I could see a woman walking by on the sidewalk out front. I tried waving at her and getting her attention. She kept walking; either didn’t see me or didn’t understand that I needed her help.

I called my client and asked if he had any friends nearby who could come and let me out. He tried calling, and there was no answer.

“Break the window!” he said. So I broke threw a potted plant through the window, removed the excess splinters of glass, reached in and opened the door. I was free!

This experience got me thinking. It was very easy to break into this house. How easy is it to break into your house? What measures are you taking to secure your home?

Here are 10 things that you can do to prevent break ins: