San Francisco Luxury Home Buyers Demand Elevators

12 Oct

San Francisco Luxury Home Buyers Demand Elevators

369 marina elevator

Let’s face it, San Francisco is a vertical city. Even the most modest home usually has more than one level of living space. Luxury homes can encompass four or more levels and well-heeled buyers are requiring those homes to have elevators. Even able bodied luxury home buyers want elevators because they are thinking long term and they want their parents and grandparents to enjoy the home.

My colleague Carol Goldberg’s beautiful listing at 369 Marina Boulevard connects all four levels with an elevator. The metal doors and portholes have a decidedly maritime feel in this home, listed at $7,395,000.

To underscore the importance of elevators, 2764 Greenwich was taken off the market last summer after 97 days on the market. The home is back on the market and Teed-Haze is touting the fact that they have approved plans for an elevator, ready to be installed. The $8,495,000 list price remains the same.