Sound Off: Assumptions cost homeowners in sellers’ market

14 Sep

Sound Off: Assumptions cost homeowners in sellers’ market

John Solaegui1

A: Some sellers may think that it doesn’t matter whom they hire to sell their home. They feel all they need to do is list the property and it will sell.

I contend that skill levels vary widely among agents and a good agent can have a huge impact on your final results.

To achieve the highest possible price, I recommend:

•Develop a comprehensive marketing plan and strategic pricing to maximize buyer interest.

•Create a photo-rich online presence to position your home positively against the competition.

•Work the broker community. Help them communicate your property’s value to their buyers.

•Expose your property to the widest pool of buyers. Market the listing for a predetermined length of time.

•Present a complete disclosure package to eliminate buyer renegotiation after we go into contract. This decreases the chances of any future liability after the sale is closed.

•Qualify all buyers and vet their lenders before accepting an offer.

•Manage the details during the escrow period. Make sure deadlines are met and commitments are fulfilled.

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