Sound Off: Biggest Concerns About Bay Area’s Housing Market

04 Apr

Sound Off: Biggest Concerns About Bay Area’s Housing Market

Interview with Jordan Quinn, SF Gate

San Francisco buyers have three main concerns in today’s market:

Am I paying too much?

It’s a fact that the winning buyer is the one who is willing to pay more than anyone else. Some people think we are approaching a market bubble. From my vantage point, if the buyer’s holding period is at least five years, they will be just fine.

Am I rushing too fast to make a decision?

When the best properties are selling within days of going on the market, buyers need to be prepared to strike quickly.The best way to do this is to partner with an experienced agent whom you trust and who is knowledgeable.

Am I buying a money pit?

With San Francisco’s relatively old housing stock averaging at least 70 years, buyers are concerned about the cost of upkeep as well as earthquake safety. No house is perfect, and a buyer needs to understand the potential risks. That is why inspections are so important.

Owning a home is not for everyone, but I firmly believe that there are essential financial, emotional and personal benefits in homeownership. As always, if you need advice or have questions about making your next move, just ask me!!

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