Sound Off: When should I stage and professionally photograph?

20 Apr

Sound Off: When should I stage and professionally photograph?


A: Recently I showed 12 homes to an experienced investor from Boston.

When he marveled that every home was staged, I told him I normally recommend full staging because people often lack imagination and cannot see the opportunity in an empty room. Many buyers will respond to a beautifully decorated home and will end up paying more than the staging costs.

The two exceptions are:

• No staging is required if the home needs major repairs.

• Partial staging is recommended if the seller is occupying the property and has a limited budget. Remove as much clutter as possible and leave only the best furnishings, then bring in colorful accessories that will make the photos come alive.

I always pay for professional photography because the home’s online presence must be exceptional. The great majority of buyers scrutinize the pictures online to decide which properties they will see in person.

If the photos aren’t good, fewer visitors will see the home.

John Solaegui,

Paragon Real Estate Group, (415) 738-7232,

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