“He helped us navigate next steps with grace and empathy…”

John exceeded our expectations when it came time to selling our San Francisco home. With his guidance and direction, our home sold 65% over what we had purchased it for with John four years prior, and 30% over our asking price. After a careful analysis of the current market in our neighborhood, John explained what we could expect and where we should price ourselves to get the maximum marketing visibility. He staffed every open house himself and had a clear sense of who he thought our most likely top bidders would be. And he was right. Even before we got to that stage though, John guided us at every touch point, from helping us hire professionals to tighten up some things in the home, to meeting those people when we could not, and connecting us to the right stager who would respect that we needed to live in the home for at least 30 days after our open house.

When it came time to review our 8 offers, two which were identical and two others that were incredibly close, he helped us navigate next steps with grace and empathy. We cannot recommend John more highly. He is responsible for the most important purchase and sale of our lives, and his professionalism ensured that we could stay competitive in our next house purchase across the Bay even in this insane Bay Area market.


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