Client Success Story: Choreographing a Sale and a Purchase

29 Apr

Client Success Story: Choreographing a Sale and a Purchase

Soon after paying $802,000 for this bright and sunny center patio home in 2012, the sellers completed some necessary  infrastructure work such as replacing the old gravity furnace, installing a new electrical panel and replacing all carpet and  linoleum with gorgeous hardwood floors. They moved in and began enjoying the rest of the mid-century finishes just as they were. Over time they invested in transforming the weed-choked back yard into an eco-friendly garden oasis.

Fast forward to 2016, when a change in employment necessitated a move out of San Francisco. They needed to sell before they could buy and so began the deft choreography of timing a sale and a purchase in quick succession.

When it came time to decide among the multiple offers on the table, the winning offer was from a lovely family whose 10 year old daughter wrote a heartfelt letter to the seller family. The offer allowed the sellers to stay for a short time after close of escrow so that they could find their new home. The sales price? A cool $320K over asking … $1,315,000.

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