“Do not accuse me of hyperbole. I dare you to see it for yourself”

09 Aug

“Do not accuse me of hyperbole. I dare you to see it for yourself”

I’m new to this real estate stuff. I’ve done decades in the deepest depths of Wall Street maneuvering such arcane and ugly beasts as index puts and calls, but real estate is an entirely new pursuit. AJ; a result when it was time for me to buy a house I needed help- and lots of it. Fortunately I knew precisely where to go. John Solaegui.

The short laundry list of adjectives for John includes smart, capable, timely, personable, dedicated, and, perhaps most appropriate, tenacious. These qualities will pay dividends in any undertaking. Applying these qualities to his singular passion of real estate results in a full-on exhibition of greatness. Do not accuse me of hyperbole. I dare you to see it for yourself.

My own experience on Wall Street gives me a unique perspective on the importance of professional guidance and counseling. Without a pro by your side beginning lessons will be painful and expensive. Buying real estate with John was like trading options with me as your broker. Just as I know every wrinkle of the options market John knows the real estate market. He helped me understand every step of the process. He knew when to be aggressive, when to fade, and what was important. Read that sentence again – that’s his competitive edge. Bolt on the fact he took the time to get to know me, my goals, and my disposition so he could put together the
comprehensive Greg package and John goes into the “win” column every time.

I suspect you are getting the idea. Get with the program and get John on your side. He far exceeded my expectations. How many things in life can you say that about?

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