“He cares about his clients as people”

09 Aug

“He cares about his clients as people”

I had the pleasure of working with John Solaegui during the purchase of my first home. From the moment I walked into his office, John made me feel comfortable, confident, and sure that I would find the perfect place. He spent many hours explaining the buying process and made sure I was up to date and understood what was happening at all times.

While looking for a home, John provided me with recommendations and tools that I could use to comfortably search at my leisure. He took me to see a plethora of homes and taught me what was available in the market. When John found properties that fit my needs and were a cut above the rest, he made sure I saw them quickly to stay ahead of the curve.

Throughout a long escrow process, John stayed on top of every tiny detail. He helped me find the best possible loan, made sure everything was fixed and put in order by the seller, and even stuck around after the sale was complete to deal with any issues that arose.

John’s greatest qualities, however, do not have to do with being a real-estate agent. He cares about his clients as people, strives to understand and satisfy their needs, and works hard to excel in everything he does. These qualities make themselves apparent in the polished shine that glows from everything John touches.

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