“He guided us through an intimidating real estate climate to our new home”

09 Aug

“He guided us through an intimidating real estate climate to our new home”

My husband and I had the privilege of working with John Solaegui both as buyers and sellers.   As a newlywed couple who had never lived in the Bay area and as two individuals who relocated for very time consuming careers, we were incredibly grateful to have John on our team.  Ultimately, he guided us through an intimidating real estate climate to our new home.  Our experience exceeded our every expectation and we enthusiastically recommend John Solaegui as a real estate agent.

John’s commitment to us was evident from the day we met.  As a young couple, we were naïve about the local housing market, the financial process in purchasing a home in a seller’s market, and even what we wanted or needed in a home.  What’s more, we were initially out-of-state clients.  Our first meeting set the tone of our relationship.  Rather than overwhelm us with information, John gave us some reading material and encouraged us to learn more about the process.  He elicited our thoughts and listened.

What impressed us was not just that John spent the whole day driving us all over the city, but his personal approach.  As a previous homeowner, my husband felt that John operated differently than other agents he with whom he’d worked. John was not trying to make a sale, but rather get a feeling for what we liked, where we were from, how we talked to each other, why we wanted to be in San Francisco, essentially who we really were.  John’s attention to our lives helped us find the perfect home for us.

As the process continued, our working lives quickly took over most of our hours.  John worked tirelessly to accommodate our schedules. He met us after work and arranged showings of whichever property we wanted to see.  Our offers were often written in the midnight hours, and we never felt pressured by John to make any hasty decisions. If we had a question or reservation at midnight, then he would work to find us our answer before we moved on.

Our experience shows us that John has great integrity.  He worked hard to provide us with as much information as he could about every property, and he shared his knowledge with us, good and bad.  He even stopped us from counter-offering on a property when he sensed we were unsure.  John is honest and trustworthy.  By the end of our housing search, we saw John not as our agent, but as our friend.

When it came time to sell our condominium and buy a house for our growing family, we knew just who to call. Our story has a happy ending.  We are happily ensconced in our new home, which perfectly fits our lives.  We are grateful for John’s help and hope that others may have as much success as we have.

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