“He has a proven track record with buyers in a seller’s market…”

09 Aug

“He has a proven track record with buyers in a seller’s market…”

Although John Solaegui was recommended to me, I interviewed many agents before making my decision. I initially chose John because (1) it was clear he knew far more about San Francisco real estate than anyone else I interviewed; (2) I did not get the sense that he would pressure me; (3) he had a proven track record with buyers in a sellers’ market; and (4) he was knowledgeable about remodeling, which is helpful when you love a place, but it isn’t perfect.

I am so glad I chose John. First, all of the above-mentioned qualities I detected during our phone interview proved true. Second, John is an incredibly skilled businessman and negotiator. When we fell in love with a condo, he was in constant communication with the listing agent to make sure we had the most up-to-date information so that we could make an informed offer. John then made and negotiated our offer in person–which made all the difference in us getting the condo we wanted at an amazing price. I really can’t express how impressed we were with John’s work.

Lastly, I should mention all of the other qualities that make John amazing: he is available nearly 24/7; he asks all the right questions of the listing agent; he listens to your comments and asks the listing agent all of your questions (even the questions you didn’t know you had); he is organized and keeps the bankers, appraisers, inspectors, listing agent and title company organized; he is a fun and interesting person and you’ll enjoy spending your weekends with him!

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