“I love working with John because he is so smart and yet so gracious”

09 Aug

“I love working with John because he is so smart and yet so gracious”

Having purchased and sold my own properties without the assistance of real estate professionals, I know firsthand the feeling of successfully completing transactions on my own terms.  Recently, I have found that the legal and regulatory requirements for real estate transactions have become increasingly complex and too difficult to navigate by myself.

For my latest property sale, I went straight to John for help.  I didn’t even consider the need to interview other agents because John was my one and only choice.  As a member of John’s extensive online community, I have followed John’s market commentary for years.

As one can imagine, every real estate transaction has its own unique issues.  For me, I can say without exception, John exceeded my expectations at every twist and turn during the marketing and contract process.  I was very pleased when my home quickly sold to a couple of very happy buyers.

Here is what I received when I engaged John to be my agent:

  • Prior to listing my property with John, I had asked John for a list of recommendations for contractors.  John graciously provided me with an extensive list of contractors that I used to get my home ready for sale.  I view John as my resource for all things “real estate focused”.
  • After our initial property walk-through, John brought in Stephanie Vigil (Mise en place Interiors and Staging) to edit my decor.  The result was fabulous!  Stephanie understood my needs and so transformed my property into a comfortable, inviting home that any potential buyer would also be proud to call home.
  • John has a well thought out methodology for marketing property and servicing his clients.  For example, in my case, John arranged to have a detailed floor plan of my property professionally drawn up to enhance the property description.  Also, John has this one other very effective marketing standard in his methodology — and that is gorgeous property photos presented on fantastic customized websites for his listings.
  • When complicated issues surfaced, John was able to come up with creative solutions that pleased me to no end.
  • John invests the time to understand his clients as individuals.  That is why I felt so comfortable with John’s counsel.  As the client, of course I had expectations.  However, John was very articulate in providing guidance on what was possible as well as what was realistic given what was happening in the San Francisco real estate market and economy on any given day.

John has done a great job of guiding my property sale through a challenging economic environment.  I love working with John because he is so smart and yet so gracious.

In summary, would I recommend John to my friends and family?  Would I use John again on my next real estate transaction?  Yes, in a heartbeat!

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