“I was looking for a very specific property…on a specific street”

09 Aug

“I was looking for a very specific property…on a specific street”

John Solaegui is an amazing Real Estate Agent. I was looking for a very specific property having already narrowed my search criteria to a single street. The trouble was that homes for sale on that street were few and far between.

After taking the time to understand exactly what I wanted in a home John went into action to find a seller. John personally wrote letters to the owners of homes with the specific features I required. John persisted even when I became discouraged until a willing seller surfaced. These sellers had some specific needs of their own around details and timing, so John negotiated a contract which pleased us all.  John meticulously attended to every detail from arranging prompt and trustworthy inspections to working with my lender while we were in escrow to insure a smooth closing.

I am moving into my new home later this month, and I could not be happier. John is responsible for making my dream come true. If you are looking for an ethical, hardworking and talented Agent for your own transaction, it would be difficult to do better than John Solaegui. I will certainly be using his services in the future.

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