“John had taken the time to fully understand…”

09 Aug

“John had taken the time to fully understand…”

John Solaegui came highly recommended to me by a work colleague and I’m so grateful for this recommendation!

I am a first-time buyer and, as such, had to go through many phases of contemplation, research, uncertainty, etc. before I was ready to put an offer on a place. The process took me roughly 18 months and John supported each stage that I went through. When I was ready to house-hunt, he provided me with listings and often whisked me off to view places together, so that he could fully understand the sort of place I was looking for. When I wanted to take a break from searching, he kept in touch from time to time to assure me that he was ready to help at any time. The search process unfolded very comfortably at my pace. Given the length of time it took, I might have anticipated sensing impatience, frustration or pressure from an agent, but it simply didn’t exist with John. Instead, he was always patient, enthusiastic, optimistic and ready to spring into action when I was ready.

Because John had taken the time to fully understand the type of home and neighborhood that were important to me, he was able to identify and arrange for me to have quick access to “high probability” homes. The home that I purchased is one that he saw on broker tour and that I visited for the first time just one day later. The extra lead time provided me with a big advantage in the offer process.

Once my offer was accepted, he gave his full attention to every step of the purchase process. John addressed all of my many questions, concerns, issues and requests related to the purchase. When I had an idea which was not advisable, he counseled me to reconsider. When I had an idea which created additional work but would lead to a beneficial outcome, he provided me with important information and resources to help me accomplish what I wanted. He was fully committed to me having all the information that I needed to complete the purchase and to be happy with my purchase and has even helped with matters that extended beyond the purchase date.

I highly recommend John as a professional, top-notch real estate agent who will give his full attention to each buyer and will do everything he can to lead the buyer to a positive outcome.

Two thumbs up for John!

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