“John’s approach is holistic and exhaustive, which wins over sellers and their brokers on every level.”

26 Aug

“John’s approach is holistic and exhaustive, which wins over sellers and their brokers on every level.”

In the real estate industry, where relationships and interpersonal skills are of utmost importance, yet where financial conflicts of interest abound, it is no easy feat to find a genuine, attentive, professional who will always truly have your best interest at heart.   However, we were very fortunate to find just such an agent in John Soleagui.   What makes writing a recommendation for John so difficult is that no prolific words one may commit to paper could truly capture how wonderful it is to work with John and how masterful he is at his craft.  Having closed on our new home in San Francisco after a long and very particular search, we know that we could not have possibly found such a perfect home for us to start our family without John’s guidance every step of the way.

First impressions are often everything.  We first met John at an open house randomly browsing in 2009 when my wife and I just started dating.  John left such a positive impression on us that we knew then that John would represent us when we would be shopping for our next home.  Five years later, in the Spring of 2014, we decided to purchase our next home and reached out to John.  We were not going to be easy clients.  We each had our own properties we wanted to keep, which made structuring financing more esoteric than for first time buyers, and were very particular in our target property, from neighborhood and condition to year built and architectural style.  Over the course of the subsequent year, John made introductions to incredible colleagues in the industry who helped us navigate numerous complexities and prepared us to put together an offer package that won over a higher all cash bid – unheard of in this market.  Buying and selling a home is a very personal, intrinsically driven process that many people, much to their detriment, relegate to the exclusive realm of dollars and cents.  John’s approach is holistic and exhaustive, which wins over sellers and their brokers on every level.  His reputation for integrity, unwavering work-ethic and utmost pleasant disposition opened doors with listing agents, bankers, inspectors and everyone else we encountered in the process.  We were always welcomed with open arms by those who knew John (practically everyone we met throughout our search) in the same warm manner John welcomed us as his clients.

Representing buyers who are laser focused on exactly what they want is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, you have decisive clients.  On the other, you have clients who aren’t going to settle for anything other than what they want, requiring patience and time to seek out that right home.  From the inception, John established an impressively clear understanding of what we wanted and never steered us to any property he did not feel we would agree was perfect for us.  In many cases, John steered us away from properties he knew we would not love in the long run and kept us grounded at points when we were losing faith that we would find what we had endeavored to acquire.  John’s responsiveness, wonderful attitude, and ultimately amazing friendship was the number one factor in us being able to acquire our newest home about which we are positively thrilled.  We are deeply grateful to John and are honored to wholeheartedly recommend John to anyone looking for the best, uncompromising representation in the San Francisco real estate market.

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