We look forward to working with him for our next home!

27 Apr

We look forward to working with him for our next home!

John did an absolutely phenomenal job helping us go through the process of finding and buying our first home. The most valuable strengths that differentiated him from other real estate agents we met with were:

1. Organization and due diligence: From our first meeting and throughout our interactions, John provided clear organized documentation and guidance on the process. He provided helpful resources for us and always followed up with detailed action steps and notes. He was extremely diligent in his communication with our mortgage lender to process our offer as well as the seller’s agent. He was on top of all communication with the agent from our initial offer, following up for insider updates, as well as ensuring our walk through findings were fully addressed prior to move-in.

2. Attention to our priorities/preferences: John is an amazing listener and somehow remembers everything you say. In our initial meeting he put a lot of effort in understanding our needs and diligently documenting notes of everything about us. Other real estate agents we met made a lot of assumptions about what we were looking for and pushed listings on us that were not anywhere close to what we wanted. John invested time in the beginning to ensure we were all on the same page before we moved forward.

3. End to end support: John exceeded our expectations in the level of services he provided. We expected him to just provide listings and to take us through the process of closing on a property. Instead, John took the extra effort to spend a whole day with us driving around to get to know all the neighborhoods in SF so that we could narrow down our interests. He also took the extra effort to always be present during the process from attending signings at our mortgage lender, detailed walk throughs of the property after close, and even attended our walk through with the developer after we moved in! It was fantastic to have a single resource that we could rely on to always be there. After working with John through this process, we are confident that we will be able to reach out to him in the future for ongoing support and additional services. We absolutely will recommend him to others as well. We look forward to working with him for our next home!

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