“What we pulled off was truly a major feat”

09 Aug

“What we pulled off was truly a major feat”

I want to thank you again for making it possible for me to get the property on Temescal.  Given the very fierce competition for this house, what we pulled off was truly a major feat.  Working with you has been great.  Your expertise, intuition, responsiveness, and general handholding throughout the process have made all the difference.

When I first embarked on my search for a suitable property last November, I knew this was likely to be an anxiety-laden exercise.  Given today’s super-hot real estate market, not only did I have to jump on any potential property with barely a moment to organize my thoughts, but even after I had decided to make an offer, I still had to deal with the uncertainly of whether my offer would stand out sufficiently from the crowd.  I was therefore very relieved that I could count on you to quickly round up all the relevant background information on a property so that I could make an informed (if rushed) decision.  In addition, I knew that you would always be able to come up with the best strategy for any offer I did make.  Indeed, watching you in action, I realize that the tailoring of one’s strategy to a property’s selling agent(s) and its seller(s) requires not only considerable experience with the market, but also a good mastery of human psychology.  You clearly have this knowledge in spades, and I was grateful to be able to benefit from it.

I have been very impressed by your integrity, forthrightness, and genuine care and concern.   I felt we were truly working as a team.  The result, of course, speaks for itself!

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