“You…were the angel from heaven who stepped into my life when I was really at the lowest point”

09 Aug

“You…were the angel from heaven who stepped into my life when I was really at the lowest point”

Dear John,

It has been over a month since we signed our final documents and I just wanted to take a moment to write you a note regarding my recent 1031 Property Exchange transaction.  As you know, this was a highly stressful transaction because it involved a limited amount of time, it was necessitated because of a divorce, the San Francisco real estate market was ridiculously active and most stressful of all, I began the process not knowing what I wanted and the amount of money we had to work with kept changing!  I would describe myself as the client from hell!  You, John, however, were the angel from heaven who stepped into my life when I was really at my lowest point and worked tirelessly to find out what I wanted, how much I could afford and stood by week after week to make sure I found a property that would provide me with monthly income and that I closed on time so I did not get capital gains tax.

Thank you is not enough for all the work that you did on my behalf, John—and your real estate commission truly was not enough for all the hours you clocked putting together weekly tours for four months, writing up offers (and presenting on three other properties that we were overbid on), putting together spread sheets on every income property that I was interested in, and generally being my consultant on everything from neighborhoods to rental agreements and everything in between.  I tell everyone I know that I began this arduous process with John Solaegui as my realtor and I ended with John Solaegui as my valued and trusted friend who also happened to be my realtor!  The rarity of that is relationship is the reason I tell anyone who is looking for a realtor about you and recommend you with no reservations whatsoever!

By August I should be ready to begin coming on tour with you again, just for the fun of it!

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